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"Ampersand" Gold Foil Wall Print

Gold Foil

"Ampersand" Gold Foil Wall Print


"Ampersand" Gold Foil Wall Print

from 14.90

Because we're more than labels and job titles, our insecurities and weaknesses. We are ______ & _______. We are makers and storytellers, dreamers and fighters, encouragers and companions. We can be scared and brave, weak and willing. May we remember the many things that we are, whenever we feel stuck, or feel like we've been put in a box. You are _______ & _______.

Place this print in a frame in your workspace, living room, or bedroom as a reminder to not compare yourself to others!

Product Description:

  • This is a print of the original design that I hand illustrated.  
  • This print is made with shiny GOLD foil on white glossy card stock. Each gold foil print is made by hand, so there may be some slight variations and imperfections in the gold foil! 


  • The print will be shipped in a clear plastic sleeve, backed with cardboard to protect it. Each item is shipped in a flat or bubble mailer to ensure no bending. Ships in 1-2 business days.

If you have any other questions, please email me at hello@doodlebubbledesigns.com or reach me through Instagram (@doodlebubbledesigns)!

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