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Doodle Bubble Designs Blog

Thoughts from a third culture kid and small stationery business owner!

Doodle Bubble Designs offers hand illustrated greeting cards, paper goods, and stationery that are perfect for everyday encouragement, birthdays, and holidays! Sympathy greeting cards available as well.  You can also find funny cards such as "You're my Favorite Badass" and "Badassery." Creative and funny gift ideas for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

All designs are handmade in Los Angeles, California.  


Ruth Sze

Pain--the more we stuff it in and not allow ourselves to feel, the more it can hurt and demand to be dealt with. We talk about being brave and strong and adventurous in this life, but when we take those risks, we also make ourselves vulnerable to misunderstandings, to getting hurt, to the uncontrollable. We can dedicate our time and our love and our energy, and never see the return on any of our investment. We can feel constantly burdened by the no longers and not yets, a million unanswered questions and requests, as we try to use every drop of strength left to feel hopeful.

Pain--have we felt it recently? Or have we covered it up with lots of "okays" and "fines," as we pressed forward to the next thing and the next and the next? 

Whatever is your pain, your struggle, the weight you are carrying now, I'm sorry and I don't understand all the whys and hows too. But thank you for choosing to exercise your heart and your limits, for sharing your life with others, even when the outcome and rewards may never be promised to you. Thank you for allowing yourself to FEEL. That is also a part of being brave and strong and courageous. The pain may feel like the realest thing right now, but it is just as real as the joy and the renewal and the healing that also comes.