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Doodle Bubble Designs features paper goods, wall art prints, greeting cards, and gifts with hand illustrated designs by Ruth Sze! 

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The designs you see in Doodle Bubble Designs are all hand illustrated--most of them were straight from my little mixed media sketchbook, made with a pen when I’ve been stuck in my doodle bubble.  

Many times I find that I mindlessly transport to a little “doodle bubble”–I’ll zone out from the world and just pick up a pen and start creating random shapes and patterns--with no plan in mind.  I’ll watch as all the lines and swirls come together to form its own kind of harmony. Even when I’ve felt like I’ve messed up in life, I felt like I couldn’t mess up in doodling.  There were no rules to follow and no limitations--so I couldn’t go a wrong direction.  

Hand illustrated doodles that aren’t perfect, or necessarily complete, remind me that it’s okay—it’s okay to start, and have no idea where you’ll end up.  It’s okay to draw lines sometimes, then move on to swirls and weird shapes the next.  It’s okay to offer to the world the raw, imperfect parts of you that are still beautiful.

And so I share these designs with you, hoping we can all be courageous to share more of whatever we can offer with each other.  I hope these designs bring you joy, and remind you of the beauty in simplicity and the act of creating. I hope they inspire you and bring you to your own kind of bubble.  

So to all friends and strangers (or soon to be friends): thanks for joining me in my doodle bubble! Welcome, and I hope you stick around.



P.S.- Say hi at hello@doodlebubbledesigns.com or join me on Instagram @doodlebubbledesigns!